Essex Playing Fields is an Essex charity, founded in 1924. It is devoted to the creation, preservation, improvement and development of playing fields, playgrounds and sports grounds covering historical Essex. We devote our time to supporting our members with caring for their  playgrounds and play areas, with the emphasis on ensurung they are suitable and accessible for local children, young people and those with disabilities.

Our charitable status means we are completely independent and answerable to no-one but our membership.We do not receive any government funding whatsoever.

We offer help and advice to our members with concerns to their play areas and our Field Officer is trained to advise with all aspects of grounds maintenance, from weeds to drainage and everything in between.

We run an annual Best Kpet Playing Field Competiton which our members can participate in. This is always good fun and very often, more than a little competitive!

We also help with the legal side of things - leases, rents, building regulations etc. If we don't know the answer, we know someone who does.

We used to run a Small Grants Scheme, but due to funds being so low, we have put this on hold for the time being. We hope to offer this service again in the future, if donations and funding start rolling in!